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Impressions Silk Screened Glass
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The combination of choices and applications of Hartung Studio's decorative products are limited only by one's imagination. Ceramic Frit, Opaci-Coat-500 ® and DecoVas™ can be used to compliment nearly any type of decorative glass product available including Hartung's SURESTEP Stair and Flooring Systems, IMPACT Decorative Laminated Glass and TOTAL Vision Frameless Doors and Showers.

Available in Ceramic Frit, Opaci-Coat-300 ® and Opaci-Coat-500 ®, Hartung is a recognized leader in spandrel glass; a popular design element in modern architecture. The technique masks mechanical and structural elements by adding opacity to non-visionary areas in order to maintain an aesthetic, seamless continuity.

Ceramic Frit continues to set the standard for Spandrel & Decorative glass color availability, design capability, durability and value. Whether printed by silk screen or roll coater, Ceramic Frit ink is fired directly into the glass surface during heat treating resulting in superior adhesion which is extremely resistant to mechanical and chemical damage.

Opaci-Coat 300 ® is a water-based silicone product that provides architects and designers further choice for their spandrel glass requirements. Opaci-Coat-300 ® coated glass may be specified in any color found on a color chip. Color matching is computerized and exact.

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Impressions Silk Screened Glass
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